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All the activities are included in all the passes. Some of them will have limited seating, and they'll require sing-ups. 50% of the sign-ups will be opened online, while the other 50% will take place at the convention. All the activities are G-rated. See the full schedule here.


EMERGENCY CITRUS POCKET - Workshop - Saturday (2 sessions)

How often have you found yourself in lack of a citrus? AWKWARD! Don’t let this happen again!

Join us at our workshop and learn how to create your own lemon-shaped bags. For all your citrus-y needs!

(25 seats per session - sign-ups will continue at the event)


WRITING CABIN PRESSURE FANFICTION - Workshop - Saturday (2 sessions)

If even Martin can have a bash at writing (although his script for the Captain's introduction to MJN didn't go down all that well with Carolyn...) then we can all give it a try too! Whether you think you're an Arthur or a Douglas in terms of literary expertise, come along to this fun workshop where Jay-eagle will lead some fun, no-pressure creative writing games and enjoy playing with John Finnemore's marvellous characters (we promise to put them back neatly afterwards, Mr Finnemore!)

(15 seats per session - sign-ups will continue at the event)


GUESS WHO (SAID IT) - Game - Saturday

Just how well have you listened to Cabin Pressure? Are you better at memorising things than Arthur? Then this is for you! We will give you a line from any one of the episodes and you can earn points if you tell us a) which episode this was from and b) who said it. Some quotes will be longer, some shorter, some easy and some a bit difficult. But there will be prices for everyone at the end so don’t worry and guess along!



Bing Bong!

This is the panel speaking.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Arthur chose to host a game-show? Do you want to sing songs with us? Do you like Cabin Pressure and JFSP so much that you want there to be more of it? Here we come to your rescue!

We are a diverse little band of people, who want to try bringing you the same happiness that John Finnemore does (we might even toss some apples!) Still not convinced? Well I don’t have any more ways to make the shows aura more orange. But maybe you’ll be delighted to hear that there will definitely be (silly) accents.

Love, the panel


A SHEEP FOR HERC - Workshop - Sunday

A funny and creative workshop where you will be able to build the most awful and possibly scary sheep, just for Herc!


APOCALYPSE NOW - Game - Saturday

Test your skills at charades, and make everyone guess a quote or a situation from Cabin Pressure (not an apocalypse though... we still don't know what an apocalypse is).



Are you going to hoard lemons in the Arthur way, or are you going to collect only the most valuable lemons in the Douglas way? Either way, get ready! Hoard that citrus and collect points!


GOOFY FACE PAINTING - Workshop - Saturday

Nothing special here. You've just got some Goofy on your face.