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EuroAirdotCon was first conceived as a group project in 2013. A few fans met on Tumblr and decided to bring the AirdotCon idea to Europe, gathering together other fans in celebration of the radio show Cabin Pressure.


The team consists in volunteers, who dedicate their time to creating this convention. We are committed to deliver a non profit event, in respect of the show's creator, producers, and the fans. It is the team's main goal to organise an event which is as inclusive as possible, yet also leaving space for creativity, fun and making new friends.


The first edition of EAC took place on 23-24 August 2014 in Milan, at the Best Western Milton Hotel. John Finnemore was invited to attend and took part in an interview and a Q&A. He also conceived and hosted a quiz with prizes that he himself provided.


At the end of the two day convention, we asked participants to evaluate the event, in order to even further improve the programme as well as the organisation for the next time. Submitted feedback suggested that the event was an overall success.

I liked that one could freely choose to follow the panel or the game or to chat with the other fans or to play a game or just relax. Just perfect. Your organization was just brilliant.

It was one of the best weekends in my life because of all the amazing fans and fun games.

I liked how everybody just clicked and were friends in minutes if not seconds.

I liked John Finnemore as a guest, and all the extra activities around it were brilliant. Loved meeting other fans, loved the photoshoot, everything was perfect.

The free photo shoot was a very nice service! Skype interview - learning really interesting things about the real life of a pilot The familiar atmosphere, that it was so cozy and casual.

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What's EuroAirdotCon?